If you are someone who reads a newspaper, you would know that media content is visually impactful and engaging. Then why should the way you advertise your products on Amazon be any different?

Have you ever scrolled through a product detail page on Amazon and seen brand-driven multimedia content that stands out? The beautifully enhanced images, formatted bullet points, comparison charts, and well-written sales copy; that’s Amazon A+ Content.

What is A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content enables brand owners to describe the benefits of their products in a sophisticated manner by using in-depth descriptions, charts, videos, high-quality photos, and custom copy (e.g., brand stories). Sellers and suppliers can boost traffic, conversion rates, and sales with the Amazon A+ Content function. Brands may effectively exhibit their products on Amazon A+ Content by utilizing well-written descriptions, videos, and pictures to help customers decide.

Introducing A+ Premium Content

This feature goes beyond the requirements for Amazon A+ content. Brands can highlight the advantages and characteristics of their products with the premium option. The content is more up-to-date and visually appealing. There are more modules at your disposal, carousels, and long banners, thanks to Amazon A+ Premium Content. The usable area increases to fill the entire screen’s width.

Videos can be added to the product description or next to the text when using Premium content.

Benefits of A+ Content

An Amazon A+ Content listing is a product description that includes enhanced image and video features to help sellers in selling their products. With rich texts and embedded videos, sellers can change or update the product descriptions of their branded ASINs.

While you can explore features using A+ Contents’ technical specifications, and information about equivalent products, there are numerous benefits of creating/updating A+ Content on Amazon for both the sellers and customers. Some of these benefits are:

  • A+ content offers a huge benefit to its seller in terms of upgrading their listing page. By upgrading and modifying their listings the sellers can increase their brand’s visibility.
  • It offers more engagement to its customers to make them aware of its brand and product USPs.
  • It makes it easy for the customers to make a buying decision. Consumers are aware of what to buy and what not to buy. The detailed listing makes it easier for the consumer to decide.
  • Upgrading and modifying the A+ Content helps the seller to keep up with the industry trends and know what the competitors are doing to amp up the game.
  • The Amazon A+ listings help increase the product ratings on amazon and score out of 10 sticking to the A10 algorithm.
  • The primary objective of A+ Content is to increase your conversion rate with customers. It leads to higher sales as more people view your product page to speed up your ascent in the keyword rankings to increase sales!

Improved Amazon listing hygiene helps the seller run their ad campaigns smoothly to increase product sales.

How to Create an A+?

It’s simple to create your first Amazon product listings using A+ Content. Simply follow the instructions by going to the A+ Content section in the window that corresponds to either advertising (for sellers) or merchandising (for vendors).

There are 15 distinct modules available in all. You can combine the modules as you like to get the best output. The modules must be seen as the foundation for your Amazon A+ Content design. They might also have comparison graphs, text, and photos (in a variety of formats).

Among Amazon’s A+ modules are:

Full-width pictures are ideal for photographs of your product in action and lifestyle photography.

Several A+ Content pages combine text and graphics in smaller single images with text. They assist in providing information in an organized manner with visuals to ensure that customers are aware of the subject matter.

Smaller images: Groups of product aspects are highlighted using the multiple image modules.

Comparison charts: These are a terrific approach for customers to understand significant variations between related products.

Text: Two modules with full-width plain text, comprising both ordinary text and product descriptions

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