From the Right Platform to Content to Design to the Call-to-Action, We know the Who, Why, What and How of Performance-driven Ads.
  • Objectives
  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Competitors’ Analysis
Getting Started
  • Identifying Audiences
  • Identifying Platforms
  • Defining Communication Routes
  • Funnel-Wise Creative Approach
  • Assets Building
  • Creating Media Mix For AB Testing
  • Mobile-First Approach
  • Creatives’ Performance Analysis
  • Data Insights & Learnings
AB Testing

While tapping into a wide audience base, it becomes important to try different approaches to see what works and performs the best. We use AB testing to help deliver the best results through:

  • Strategic creative copies.
  • Relevant CTAs for more clicks.
  • Multiple creative variants to analyze and optimize the ad campaigns for maximum output.
Dynamic Creative Optimization

Using dynamic creative optimization, we help deliver more relevant and performance-driven ad experiences through:

  • Targeting the apt audience.
  • Using variations on the ads.
  • Personalized messages for users.
Mobile-First (MFC) Approach

Mobiles have revolutionized the consumption of content and have enhanced the effectiveness of ads. We harness our expertise to get the best out of Mobile-first (MFC) approach through:

  • More video assets focusing on vertical alignment.
  • Thumb-stopping content.
  • Unique`and relevant content/creatives designed for specific platforms.
Brands that Trust Us
Here's What Our Clients Say

It has been a pleasure to work with L&F for our website design and development. The team is proactive, responsive and quick with implementation. In particular, the design team showed a good understanding of the brief and development team delivered with a good velocity. Cheers!"

Nikita Sengar
Marketing manager

Our association with Lyxel&Flamingo began after we witnessed their website development work for Taco Bell India. Hence, we brought them onboard to help us design & develop the website for Taco Bell Australia. Now, as our global partners, they’ll be responsible for the designing & development of websites for us across other international markets including Japan, Netherlands, Indonesia, Malaysia and Kuwait. I must commend them for their strong understanding of design & technology both as well as their rock-solid work ethics and readiness to go the extra mile to deliver great quality work each time. It’s just the beginning of what seems like a long & mutually rewarding journey together.

Salil Seth
Digital transformation (APAC & ME)

We have been working with the team at lyxel&flamingo for almost 9 years now. The team has been one of the core pillars in driving our brand's growth. Their support has been amazing during all these years and have delivered great results for a large number of campaigns.

Himanshu Tewari
SRL Diagnostics
Digital Marketing Lead

Lyxel&Flamingo has been a true partner in our efforts to scale up as well as optimise our digital marketing across a spectrum of objectives and platforms. We've been working with Lyxel&Flamingo for many years and have seen them evolve into a more strategic partner, with their cross-platform abilities and deep functional & platform insights based on experience. From targeting conversions from the most affluent consumers for our consumer IPs to enhancing the reach of our content to optimising ROIs for subscription products, Lyxel&Flamingo has worked with our teams across the spectrum. The team is functionally adept and a pleasure to work with, a balance of creative & analytical insights. And more importantly, eager to learn and adapt in an era of hyper-clutter & customised needs.

Saurabh Garg
Digital Director

I have been collaborating with Lyxel&Flamingo for the past year, and there are several aspects that I truly appreciate about them. They demonstrate agility, and adaptability, and maintain a proactive approach. Above all, they are highly result-driven, not only making promises but consistently delivering the best.

Gaurav Nautiyal
Manager - Digital Marketing 

We at The Body Shop have a never say die attitude and our agency shares this energy with us. All of us were pushed to a brick wall and forced to respond to a very unusual situation. With support from Google, we set out to touch heights previously thought impossible. The team at Lyxel&Flamingo along with Google saw the trends even before we did and were very proactive in sharing immediately actionable insights. As a result our brand site is buzzing like never before.

Atul Shivnani
The Body Shop
Head of E-commerce & Digital

Our objective was to capture the increased focus of users on fitness & personal well-being. By effectively using our first party data we were able to offer a personalized experience. We were able to efficiently utilize Google platforms which ultimately resulted in increased sales and an improved ROAS.

Gautam Raheja
Head Marketing

We are happy with your proactive & systematic approach in streamlining the ad campaign in Flipkart through PCA & PLA. We are looking forward for a sustained long term approach to improve further in the visibility in the platform.

Gangadhar Dash
Group Manager E-Commerce Sales and Marketing

We recently finished the Flipkart BBD campaign with the Lyxel team and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. The team has an excellent understanding of the medium and guided us really well to get the best possible ROI. Would like to give a special mention to Mohit who went out of his way at times to ensure timely delivery of our campaigns. We look forward to working on more such campaigns in the future.

Vaibhav Bhardwaj
Brand Activation Manager

Meeting intangible customer service expectations is always a challenge and showing differentiation in the market was the primary requirement. It was not easy to develop an app fine-tuned to our complex business needs. We demanded an app with high-end functionality, and simple usage and lyxelandflamingo made it happen. The developers at lyxelandflamingo not only have showcased their in-depth understanding of the app development process and their versatility in designing apps for different platforms (Android and iOS) but have also played the role of consultative partner. It's not only the end product and result which has impressed us but also the communication support and maintenance services, which given the chance will compel us to suggest lyxelandflamingo to you and partner with them again in the future.

Vinod Madan
Olympus Medical System Sr. Dy. Manager

I Would Like To Thank And Appreciate The Lyxelandflamingo Team For The Extended Support They Offer To Maintain Our Website. Their Team Treats Every Task Assigned Professionally. They Conduct A Proper Discussion For Every Task To Ensure Future Benefits. Lyxelandflamingo Team Is Very Focused And Sincere In Their Work And Can Easily Understand The Client's Requirements; Even In Cases Of Urgency, Their Team Is Always Available. Each Task Is Accomplished With Utmost Professionalism And Sincerity.

Rajesh R. Chouhan
Asst. General Manager

lyxel&flamingo team takes up each task as an internal project. They work with the utmost detail and perfection, with complete professionalism. Every work, communication, and piece of information is meticulously documented at each stage. The team was in touch with us regularly for any updates on the work activity and went the extra mile to complete a few other tasks that weren't part of the project. They are professionals with whom you want to work.

Vineet Waldia
Knowlarity Associate Director Of Marketing

It’s been a great experience working with lyxel&flamingo. The briefs and queries have been noted with utmost care and delivered with high proficiency. I appreciate the constant availability of the team and their sincerity toward the deliverables.

Omkar Majumder
Inbrew Marketing Manager

The biggest reason why we are fond of working with the lyxel&flamingo team is because they never abandon our requirements, and don’t give up until we are satisfied with the results. Their sense of responsibility cannot be replaced. We recommend L&F to all corporations; they will never fail your projects.

Shoichiro Adachi
EIJ Consulting Pvt Ltd
Managing Director

Our collaboration with lyxel&flamingo has always been an exciting journey. The range of their capabilities is very extensive, and hence they help our organization in multiple fronts, like web design and development, creatives design, performance marketing, and many more. All in all, the combination of the strong knowledge of the people along with the friendliness in our communications makes L&F the ideal agency to work with!

Christos Minaretzis
Chief Technology Officer

It’s been a great experience working with lyxelandflamingo. The range of capabilities they offer is extensive and hence they help our organization on multiple fronts like app design and development, website design and development etc. lyxelandflamingo’s team never denies to take up a challenge and they have capabilities of handling complex data. I would recommend lyxelandflamingo to all organizations.

Nitin Karkara
Taco Bell India
Head of Digital & Technology

It’s great working with your agency, the team is always supportive and cooperative with us. It's been more than 3 years since we are working with lyxelandflamingo, and are always on top of everything. 

Sonal Maheshwari
Business Development Manager

"Congratulations to lyxel&flamingo for 10 years in business. The partnership has been invaluable as Lyxel developed a customized business tool, allowing us to measure our effectiveness across share of voice, ratings, reviews, and compliance. Overall, lyxel&flamingo have been incredible to work with and we look forward to continued collaboration.”

Kim Steele
Director - Planning & Process

lyxel&flamingo team provides good services and are dedicated towards the work. 

The execution time is also great and overall working with you is a good experience. 

Nishtha Nagpal
Hershey India
Assistant Manager- Ecomm and Brand activation

We at Yu are very satisfied with the service provided to us by lyxel&flamingo. Their understanding of marketing on e-commerce platforms have not only helped us customise campaigns as per our requirements but also optimize them in order to constantly improve return on investment. They take ownership of the assignment and put in dedicated efforts in order for our marketing spends to deliver optimum results. 

Varun Kapur
YU Food Labs
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