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Introduction to Scaling Beyond Borders

Get ready to go International

Introducing Weavr and its capabilities

Leveraging Shopify Plus for Cross-Border Expansion

Leveraging International transactions through PayPal

Understanding export logistics: An e-commerce perspective

Are you on a journey to scaling your business to new markets? Let’s join hands!

What do you think of the US, the Middle East, the UK or other global markets? Growing consumption, higher purchasing power and higher margins - are a few factors which make expanding to global markets the right step. All you need is to identify the right market, understand global consumer behaviour, and step into the market.

In this journey, you need the right partners - who can help you with operations, logistics, payments, creative thinking, strategising and more. That is what Elevate: Embark is all about.

Event Details

Join Us At Elevate : Embark – Scaling Beyond Borders

March 5th, 202403 PM Onwards

Schedule for the day:

Time Agenda Partner
3.00PM - 3.30PM Registration
3.30PM - 3.40PM Introduction to Scaling Beyond Borders
3.40PM - 4.00PM Leveraging Customer Data for Global Engagement
4.00PM - 5.00PM Get ready to go International
5.00PM - 5.30PM Leveraging Shopify Plus for Cross-Border Expansion
5.30PM - 6.00PM Leveraging International transactions through PayPal
6.00PM - 6.30PM Understanding export logistics: An e-commerce perspective
6.30PM - 7.00PM Analytics and Creative Thinking for a global audience


Tailored for growth-focused brands and entrepreneurs, Embark aims to provide a comprehensive platform to determine the right international market, audience and channel strategy, resource allocation, value offerings, brand positioning, operations, logistics, and more. Embark equips you with actionable insights, data points and partners to elevate your business on the world stage

  • 1.
    Exploring Global Markets - Discover the potential of international markets with in-depth analyses of trends, challenges, potential customers and growth opportunities. Learn how to select the right markets for your products and navigate the complexities of setting up your business abroad.
  • 2.
    Discovering the International Ecosystem - While setting up or scaling beyond borders, your business needs more than just a winning product. You need to understand international laws, take care of global logistics, update the technology, access payments, and more. Let’s find out the way around these hurdles with key insights and advice from our partner ecosystem.
  • 3.
    Generating Global Demand - Expand your reach beyond traditional boundaries and tap into a global audience. Discover strategies for international lead generation, leveraging digital platforms, and creating offers that attract and convert on a global scale.
  • 4.
    Measuring and Analysing - Gain a holistic view of your international campaigns with advanced measurement tools and techniques. Learn how to analyze customer feedback, measure share of voice, and adapt your strategies based on market-specific insights.
  • 5.
    Creative Thinking for Global Audiences - Dive into the creative process behind successful global campaigns. Explore the importance of language, imagery, and cultural sensitivity in crafting messages that engage and inspire across different geographies.

About ELEVATE 2024

L&F Elevate is a series of invite-only events for entrepreneurs, growth marketers, and product owners. Elevate aims to help you network with and learn from industry leaders like Amazon, Google, Meta, PayPal, Shopify, etc. With market insights, case studies, strategies and frameworks, we explore growth levers for brands to engage consumers in today’s digital-first world. Throughout the year, we focus on themes like AOP, the festive season, global expansion and more.

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