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We help you save time, energy and cost and increase ROI by automating
repetitive operations and marketing processes across multiple channels.

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    Email Marketing Automation

    • Database Management
    • Maintenance and Inclusion of Rules
    • Analytics and Reporting Monitoring

    WhatsApp Automation

    • Personalized FAQs replies
    • Greetings to Welcome Customers
    • Out-of-Office Notifications
    • Delayed Response Messages During Rush Hours

    SMS Automation

    • Intelligent SMS Campaigns and Alerts
    • Secure, Compliant Two-way Conversations
    • Consistent, Low-latency Delivery, Globally
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      Email Marketing Automation

      Marketing automation is already used by 76% of the world’s largest SaaS companies and a quarter of B2B Fortune 500 companies. We help you automate your marketing process to optimize and accelerate growth.

      Database Management:

      • Reviewing all your lists and ensuring they are GDPR compliant.
      • Assuring that filters can tell the difference between new and existing leads.
      • Examining how segmented your data is and its effect on your inbound marketing campaigns.

      Maintenance and Inclusion of Rules:

      • Ensuring all aspects of the campaign are running on schedule.
      • leads are directed to the appropriate landing pages in order to increase conversion rates.
      • Ensuring that all gated content on landing pages sends the requested information.

      Analytics and Reporting Monitoring::

      • Monitoring the success of all email marketing campaigns.
      • Recognizing CRO opportunities.
      • Monthly reporting on the strategy’s health and success rate.
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      WhatsApp Automation

      Automate WhatsApp chats to maintain customer expectations and increase engagement.

      Personalized FAQs replies:

      • Automate personalized replies to manage vast numbers of customer conversations quickly.
      • Save time and effort by using personalized auto-replies to answer frequently asked questions.

      Greetings to Welcome Customers:

      • Send automated notifications to welcome customers to your store and keep them from deciding to leave.

      Out-of-Office Notifications:

      • Set out-of-office auto-replies and include your business hours in it to avoid losing potential customers.

      Delayed Response Messages During Rush Hours:

      • When dealing with high chat volumes, send an automated reply that you will respond shortly.
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      SMS Automation

      With a superior network of direct carrier connections in over 225 countries, you can send and receive text messages with no latency.

      Intelligent SMS Campaigns and Alerts:

      • Use a prioritizing system to handle peak loads, ensure that mission-critical messages such as OTPs and transaction alerts are always delivered on time.
      • Increase effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns by including trackable URL links in content.
      • Personalize and send relevant launches, offers, bargains, and discount codes to a large number of audiences.

      Secure, Compliant Two-way Conversations:

      • Allow customers to message back with 2-way SMS conversations via dedicated long and shortcodes.
      • With Google-verified messages and clear branding, establish credibility and distinguish yourself from spammers.
      • Send continuous SMS messages by adhering to DLT registration with an AI-powered algorithm that manages templates and Sender IDs.

      Consistent, Low-latency Delivery, Globally:

      • Communicate on time with our enterprise-grade platform, which includes an automatic fallback to voice or WhatsApp after a predetermined duration.
      • With a live monitoring dashboard, you can track your global SMS sends and responses, as well as monitor and troubleshoot message delivery.
      • Messages in foreign and regional languages will be sent and received using Unicode characters.
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