Imagine you are in the grocery section of a supermarket; what is likely to catch your attention? Yes, the products displayed right, front, and center are more likely to catch your eye. It is to maximize the sales of a particular product. It is the same in an e-commerce platform like Flipkart.

Flipkart is India’s #1 retail merchandising platform occupying 44% share and attracting sellers from distinct categories to sell their products. 70% of all product searches on e-commerce websites are generic, providing the same opportunity to push your brand as other brands. And Flipkart Advertising can go a long way.

How does Flipkart advertising work?

The Flipkart ads are a performance-based platform used in marketing. It can help you meet your business goals and stand out from the competition, boost your chances of being seen by the greatest number of customers, and get the much coveted ‘Buy Now button in Flipkart Sponsored Ads. It is useful when you are launching new products, pushing slow-moving items, and having control over the budgets. To put it in perspective, we’re talking about a major chunk of registered customers (new visitors?) that visit Flipkart regularly.

There are many scenarios in which Flipkart ads prove beneficial to your business. Here are four such scenarios:

Introducing new products: When you introduce a new product, it doesn’t have any ratings, or reviews, and no fixed pricing. Without this foundation, it may be difficult to capture a customer’s attention. You will also need to have some sales to get your product listed on daily promotions or other discount-driven events, given the price algorithm used by Flipkart. The greatest way to draw attention to your products is to launch a marketing campaign.

Increasing performance score: gold, silver, and bronze grades are what Flipkart assigns a seller’s quarterly performance scores. Aim for gold if you want to increase the visibility and sales of your merchandise. Additionally sponsored advertising on Flipkart can help you reach your quarterly sales, visibility, new customers, goals.

Targeting particular or top selling products: You can leverage Flipkart’s product latching option through a paid campaign if you’re interested in selling more of a particular product than your rivals

Getting actionable insights: The most useful resource for online sales is actionable data. The performance matrix on Flipkart provides vendors with pertinent information, including clickthrough rates, sales, views, and ratings of the product.

With the help of PCA, marketers may show their product line-up to customers who have the right kind of interest. Branding is made possible while driving PCA Campaigns to increase our top funnel audiences.

Benefits of utilising PCA


A considerable amount of advertising space is available on websites like Flipkart. Brands with an online presence can promote their goods and boost sales. Now let’s examine the various advertising possibilities offered by Flipkart. Flipkart has three advertisement options, which run on CPC. These are-

Display advertisements: These ads feature a product in high-quality visuals.

PLA or (Product Listing Ad)- PLAs are shown on the home page, the product page, the top and rest of the search page, and the browse listing pages.

PCA or (Product Contextual Ad)– PCA ads improve the performance and visibility of the brand. They are visibly shown only on search pages. PCAs are shown only on search pages and are visible on mobile phones.

Flipkart sellers can launch a campaign by choosing the goods they want to promote, their spending limit, and the campaign’s duration. Flipkart sales relies on a bidding system: the higher your bid, conversion rate, product rating, and reviews; the higher your ad will be listed in search results.