Ranna Gill

Ranna Gill's remarkable marketing campaign: Achieving a jaw-dropping 11.74x ROI with an open rate of 48%.


About Ranna Gill

Ranna Gill is a leading contemporary Indian pret brand with international acclaim, known for its effortless glamour and panache; made for the modern women. From being a regular at the Indian fashion shows and international exhibits, today, the brand is an ever-growing network of directly operated stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

The Challenges

Client’s marketing team was struggling with improving CTRs and drive higher revenue from their subscriber list as the campaign were not well optimized.

Some of the pain points were:

  • • Drip flows were not optimized causing low open rate, CTR and conversion rates.
  • • Limited targeting, resulting in generic message and reduced impact.
  • • Ineffective communication, causing low engagement rates.

The Solution


Effective communication through automated workflows and behavior-triggered emails.


Tailored content based on preferences with increased relevance and engagement.


Implemented precise audience segmentation for targeted messaging, resulting in improved ROI, CTR & open rates.

The Results

ROI generated
Attained a ROI of 11.74x.
Open rate
Received an open rate of 48.83%.
Achieved a CTR of 1.9%.
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