A landing page is a web page where customers land after clicking on your ad. So, designing a high-quality Google ads landing page offers you the best chance to convert your customers. If they are not converting, there is no point in spending money on google ads! You definitely want more people to place orders, sign up for a webinar, or download a free resource. 

Whatever the goal, a high-quality landing page is essential to boost conversion rates and reduce customer acquisition costs. When the landing page convinces users to take the desired action, it is said to be converting. When the landing page is specifically designed to facilitate higher conversions, the process is called landing page optimization.

Importance of Optimizing Landing Pages for Google Ads

You take great efforts to craft a brilliant ad copy. But you also need a remarkable landing page for Google ads to complement the advertising campaign. The users should have a pleasant online experience if you want them to convert easily. 

The optimization of landing pages is essential for the following reasons.

  • It ensures that the landing page is relevant to what users see in the ad. They may leave instantly if the landing page does not provide relevant information.
  • Google is happy when users are happy with a good landing page experience. The search engine then rewards the ad with a higher ranking and more traffic.
  • Optimization helps to maximize the conversion rate, reduce customer acquisition costs, and enhance the marketing ROI.
  • A relevant Google ads landing page leads to a higher quality score. With a better ranking for your ad, you need to pay less per click.
  • A well-optimized landing page provides exciting & valuable information. Higher web traffic due to sharing of content results in increased links & link authority.
  • Targeted landing pages result in decreased bounce rates. A general landing page provides far lower conversions at a higher cost.

Google loves it when the landing page is relevant, practical, and tailored to a specific segment. You are then rewarded with more traffic, better conversions, and a lower cost per click.

What is the Ideal Conversion Rate for a Landing Page?

According to a study by Unbounce, the average conversion rate across ten significant industries is around 4%. The education industry had the lowest rate (2.6%), while vocational training topped the chart (6.1%).

The landing page’s importance cannot be undermined for digital businesses. However, the best or the ideal conversion rate figure can be misleading as the rates vary across industries. The landing page conversion rates for the healthcare industry can be quite different from that of financial services. 

It would be ideal to know the average conversion rate for landing pages in your industry for comparison & assessment purposes.

Best Practises for Landing Page Optimization

You can create a successful landing page for Google ads by adopting a few best practices. You will instantly witness higher traffic, with users spending more time on the page. This should eventually lead to better conversions, higher sales/leads, and lower ad prices.

Here are some valuable tips that can help you improve the landing page experience.

#1: Make the Landing Page Relevant

Take great efforts to design a landing page relevant to your users’ specific requirements. You surely do not want people clicking on the ad and landing on a page that gives redundant information. How do you do this?

  • Direct the users to a specific Google ads landing page that provides the content they are looking for. Generic information typically confuses the audience.
  • The keywords used in the ad campaign and the landing page should be similar. Please ensure that the call to action (CTA) remains the same at both places.
  • The landing page should not deviate but focus only on the ultimate goal.
  • Highlight the product’s USP and clearly mention why users should prefer it over your competitor’s offer.
  • Both the ad campaign and the landing page must emphasize the same value proposition. Highlight it to grab the users’ attention.
  • Ensure that the language of the landing page copy vibes well with the target audience. E.g., If you are selling an upskilling course for mid-career professionals, the tone should be formal & serious.

#2: Make the Landing Page More Trustworthy

The landing page’s importance stems from the fact that it is often the first point of contact between the brand and its customers. It’s essential that you exude a sense of honesty & transparency to gain their trust.

  • Disclose complete information about the offer. Be transparent and authentic. Do not include additional fees, terms & conditions, disclaimers, etc., in the primary offer.
  • Provide your contact details to enable the customers to contact you for assistance. This will also assure them of the legitimacy of your business.
  • The copy should be free from grammatical errors. Poor language gives the audience the impression of a scam or bogus offer. The design of the page should be professional & elegant.
  • Clearly convey the reasons for asking users to share their personal information.
  • Leverage the power of social proof. Provide reviews and testimonials from your valued customers on the Google ads landing page
  • Provide a demo or a short explainer video if you have a unique offering
  • Only promise what you can deliver. Avoid making any exaggerated claims to promote your product.
  • Display of awards, certifications, or prestigious affiliations lends more credibility to the brand and its offering.

#3: Make an Easy-to-Navigate Landing Page

The ease of navigation is a critical aspect of your landing page design. If people find it challenging to navigate and find what they are looking for, they may abandon the page and never return to it in the future.

  • Do not beat around the bush with lengthy introductions. Be precise and come straight to the point to give what the users want from the landing page for Google ads.
  • Use bullet points to elucidate the product details. Lengthy paragraphs may fail to grab the readers’ attention.
  • Keep the copy simple and avoid clutter in any section of the landing page.
  • Make the CTA button clear & prominent to enable the users to navigate between different sections. A clear CTA button also helps to increase the time spent by the users on the website.
  • Capitalize on the potential of your users’ networks. Display your social media buttons on top of the landing page to facilitate them to share the content.

#4: Make the Landing Page More Efficient

The overall experience of your audience must be pleasant on the Google ads landing page. Apart from coming back, they should strongly recommend it to their network.

  • Improve the page loading speed. It’s pretty frustrating to deal with slow pages. Studies report that nearly 70% of users base their purchase decisions on page loading time. Use PageSpeed Insights to check your page speed.
  • Provide a consistent experience across multiple devices for the benefit of all types of users. A responsive design for the website will ensure that the page automatically adapts to the screen size.
  • Avoid too many pop-ups and flash content on the website. They can significantly slow the page speed. Images on the page should be optimal in size and relevant to the offer.
  • The design and content on the landing page must be consistent with your brand image to ensure a seamless user experience.

#5: Make the Landing Page More SEO-Friendly

The landing page for Google ads should be well-optimized for SEO. You can use the following tactics to achieve the same.

  • Use catchy headlines that grab the users’ attention. It should arouse their curiosity and entice them to read the content.
  • Long tail keywords (with 4-plus words) are SEO-friendly because they are more specific & precise. E.g.’ digital marketing course for students & freshers’ is much better than just a ‘digital marketing course.’
  • Seek backlinks to your landing page from authoritative sources. This boosts your search engine rankings and Google ads quality score.
  • Optimize the landing page for all devices. Design the page to be mobile-friendly.
  • While designing the Google ads landing page, segment the website traffic based on your target audience. If you are offering a Yoga course, create separate landing pages for different groups like senior citizens, women, athletes, corporate professionals, doctors, etc.


The job of marketers does not end with creating a good advertising campaign. Providing a remarkable landing page experience is essential to achieve the ultimate goal of conversion. A high-quality landing page will attract both customers and search engines alike. A simple parameter can measure the landing page’s importance. Just check how many visitors to your website choose to become your customers!