The e-commerce industry is a fast-growing sector. In 2021 global retail sales amounted to a staggering $4.9 trillion. In the same year, during the third quarter, e-commerce sales were as high as 13% of all sales. These numbers say to us that online purchases will continue to grow and which is why if you are a dot com website owner, you should learn how to get more website revenue and scale your e-commerce website.

The Difference Between Scaling And Growing One’s Business

It is an ordinary thing to confuse scaling an online business with growing it. Let us know the difference.

Growing business means a rise in revenue due to utilizing more resources such as capital investment, product line, and staff. In this way, the business might grow in size, but the profits might not increase.

Scaling refers to a rise in revenue without any notable rise in costs. In other words, the revenue is increased by keeping the overhead same.

As the owner of an online store, scaling should be one’s aim as revenue increase is most necessary. A website revenue calculator can be useful in assessing the rise in revenue.

Tips To Scale Up Revenues On Your Dot Com Website

To get a steady rise in the revenue of e-commerce business with the use of minimum resources, one should :

Put Money Into Automation:

Scaling your business means a lot of effort. You can find yourself busy doing some tasks and leaving out others.

Automation is the technology the future of e-commerce is banking upon. It helps you by reducing the resources and time you spend on certain activities. By automating tasks, you can optimize the resources, and your schedule can open up for more important and critical tasks, which include creating marketing campaigns or a content strategy. Automation helps you to sell more in less time.

Web platforms can be used to send discounts, automated emails, re-engagement, and abandoned carts. You can check website revenue to understand the difference automation makes.

Provide Free Shipping:

Free shipping is an important element for online shoppers choosing which store to buy from. Most shoppers incline to opt for free shipping and cover any length to receive it. A survey made by Baymard institute showed that the main reason for abandoning a purchase by the customers is unforeseen fees, tax, and shipping costs.

Include the information regarding shipping charges and other fees in the product description. If possible, provide free shipping to minimize abandonment of shipping costs. In addition to this, ensure that the product arrives on time. Slow delivery is cited as the cause of abandoning the cart by 19% of consumers. The website revenue checker will reflect how free shipping impacts the rise in sales.

Optimize Your Website:

If you have visited a website and spent a lot of time looking for a product, you would understand the downside of having a clunky website. While a good website will not increase sales, a lousy site will decrease them. If you have made the necessary effort to market the website and its products, a poorly designed website may keep the customers from making a purchase. Use page builder and create beautiful and fast-loading product pages with a distinct call-to-action button that attracts the attention of the website visitors. Use the website ad revenue checker to understand how the optimized website is boosting sales.

Improve The Experience Of Your Customer:

Customer service is the most important factor when deciding on scaling up a business. A good customer experience can help you in many ways. It might pursue one to purchase from the company, become loyal to your brand, forgive any past bad experience and recommend the brand to others.

Poor customer service is a serious contributor to customers coming and making a purchase. You must prioritize retention as an e-commerce business owner. Following are a few tips to improve the experience of your customer:

  • Make one FAQs page
  • Provide live chat
  • Create an information-based page
  • Offer 24 hours telephonic support.
  • Use surveys
  • Respond quickly
  • Don’t pursue customers to repeat themselves.
  • Engage with consumers on social media by building a social media presence
  • Make a referral program. A word-of-mouth recommendation makes one discuss products and then make a purchase. Personal recommendations are a great way of attracting more customers to the business. It is one of the most important tactics of marketing that impact all sorts of businesses daily.

Let The Customer Know The Value Of Your Product:

More often than not, a product might be top-class, yet it still won’t be selling. This is probably because the customer has no information about how the product might be of value to them. Therefore it is important to mention the value of the product in every instance. Start this in the product description, and you can do so in advertisement copies as well. When you showcase how a product will help a consumer, that person is likely to purchase the product. This will, in turn, show a rise in sales and conversion.

Gather Reviews And Showcase Them:

Reviews are as important as word-of-mouth advertisements. A high rating review is one of the important factors that determine if a customer will buy a product. Studies suggest that most customers read more than or equal to 10 reviews before they make a purchase.

Other than impacting the buying decision of a customer, reviews also:

  • Increase The Trust Of The Customer: most customers are more inclined to buy from a brand after reading trusted and genuine reviews
  • Click Through Rates (CTRs) increased: when a customer is about to decide on a purchase, high-quality reviews might inspire them to create the purchase. Thus more sales are driven.
  • Helps In Improving Customer Experience: Customer feedback pushes the level of the customer experience. An interested consumer learns about the journey of a consumer and the strengths and drawbacks of a product.
  • Boost Rankings On The Search Engines: by reacting and giving responses to customer reviews, it shows the interested buyers that your customers’ opinions and the customers are important to you. The result of this is positive and high-quality customer reviews and improved page rankings on the search engine.

While everyone wants positive and good reviews, businesses often attract negative reviews. The negative reviews teach an individual how to provide value via e-commerce business by making things right with the customer and demonstrating one’s ability to care about one’s consumers and products.

You must motivate customers to leave detailed and valuable reviews on platforms like Yelp. These sites filter and remove unreliable and/or fake reviews.

Getting reviews is half the job done. It is also important to know how to share and showcase the positive reviews; here’s where:

  • Circulate positive reviews on social media
  • Add the reviews in paid ads
  • Add the positive reviews to meta descriptions on product pages
  • Showcase them in the email marketing campaigns
  • Talk about them in the videos
  • Use badges to showcase the reviews


By following the above tips and techniques, you will not only attract new customers but also retain the customers who already purchase from you. This will, in turn, scale your business. You can not only improve customer satisfaction by providing them with a good experience on the website and while using the product, but you can also motivate good reviews that will help you attract new and positive consumers to your website. All the above tactics will help you scale your revenue, and you can monitor the rise by using a website ad revenue checker.