Sooner or later, you might get a negative review if you sell on amazon, and it’s not entirely pleasant to get that. You won’t get affected by negative feedback if you have a lot of positive reviews. But if you don’t, then just one negative feedback can lower your feedback rating percentage. And a low feedback rating percentage will affect your sales on amazon. Thus, it is essential to have positive reviews. Amazon calculates your average feedback rating based on the reviews and feedback received over the past 12 months. Having a feedback rating of more than 98% can improve your chances of getting an elusive Buy Box. The removal of negative feedback on amazon also helps. But most people confuse amazon seller feedback with product reviews; keep reading to know how they differ from one another. 

Difference between Amazon Seller Feedback and Product reviews

For those who are new to selling on amazon, there are two kinds of reviews that you can get on any order. One is a product review, and the other is seller feedback. Product reviews are the most crucial factor for your amazon page. Product reviews affect your conversions and everything else also. And higher conversion rate will lead to improved ranking. It will, in turn, improve your sales and the traffic on your page. In comparison, seller feedback is the review of the seller’s performance and customer service. It allows the buyer to rate the overall buying experience. Like their shipping speed, seller’s communication, the accuracy of the product description, etc. Seller feedback is the buyer’s experience with the seller and not the product. You should keep a close eye on the seller’s feedback, as it is crucial. Also, try to remove any negative feedback whenever possible. 

Which reviews can be removed?

Amazon usually does not remove customer feedback even if the issue is resolved or the feedback is unwarranted. But there are some exceptions when amazon can remove or strike the feedback. It will then remove the impact of the feedback from your Order Defect Rate (ODR) and customer rating. 

Feedback removal

Feedback removal will be done only in the following cases:

  • If the feedback includes words that are obscene or inappropriate
  • If the feedback includes the specific information of the seller, such as his/her address, email, phone number, full name, etc.
  • Suppose the consumer has written a product review in place of seller feedback. But if both the feedback of the seller and the product review are written in the comment section, the feedback will not be removed. 

Feedback striking

Feedback striking will be done in the following situations:

  • If the order was fulfilled by amazon (FBA) and the comment explains some issue with the delivery service. Amazon then also takes full responsibility for the issue caused.
  • Suppose the comment is about the delay in delivery of the product or an undelivered product that was dispatched on time by the seller through Buy Shipping services. Along with the striking of feedback, amazon also displays a statement. It explains that the delivery issue was not due to the seller. 

Ways to remove negative seller feedback on Amazon

Not only negative feedback but neutral feedback or comments can also affect your feedback rating and seller metrics. So, you should try to remove them as well. Having a lot of positive feedback and only a few negative or neutral feedback does not affect your sales and conversions as much, so you don’t worry. But if the case is otherwise, follow these points. 

Contacting seller support of amazon to remove the feedback

You can visit Seller Central on amazon and open a new case. Then select Account Setting, then Orders, and then Customer Feedback Problems. Then explain briefly to them why you believe that the comment should be removed and send it to them. If you are eligible, the comment will be removed. 

Requesting the customer to remove the feedback

Buyers can also remove negative seller feedback from amazon. But remember to abide by the rules and regulations of amazon while asking them to do so. You cannot offer them a full refund in exchange for removing the negative comment. It can lead to the termination of your account. Keep in mind the following points while requesting a customer to remove the negative feedback:

  • Give timely replies to the buyer. Also, keep in mind that the buyer can remove feedback only within 60 days of posting the comment.
  • Apologize to the buyer for the issue that they have encountered.
  • Don’t immediately ask for feedback removal or offer a full refund.

Things to keep in mind to avoid getting negative seller reviews on Amazon

There are certain things or points that you should keep in mind to avoid getting negative seller reviews on amazon that help, such as

  • It is advisable to round down the condition of a product rather than up. As buyers usually have different grading standards, and listing products in a better condition than they are can result in negative feedback.
  • Refrain from selling an item that is just in acceptable condition (and not in a good or excellent condition), as it might be in an unacceptable condition to the seller.
  • Act as soon as you get unfair negative seller feedback, like a product review, unfair price of the product, etc., as this is against amazon’s policy.
  • Sometimes you get the negative review that you deserve. So look into the issue, apologize for it, and request its removal.

Why is it essential to have good seller reviews on Amazon? 

Getting a positive seller review on amazon is very important as it has a lot of perks, some of which are explained below.

  • Getting a negative is like getting lower grades in school and can lead to a decrease in your rating. Most people prefer 5-star rated products over 4 or 3-star rated ones, so this will directly affect your conversion rates.
  • Negative reviews can lead to the suspension of your account. It can turn out to be time-consuming and expensive for sellers, especially for the ones whose inventory is FBA (fulfilled by amazon), as your items can sit in FBA and can incur storage, removal, or return fees.
  • Negative reviews can directly affect your amazon account health as you can lose seller privileges, the Buy Box, and from being appeared in the search section.

How to maintain positive seller feedback on Amazon?

Maintaining positive seller feedback is very crucial for being a 5-star rated seller on amazon, and you can do so by following these points:

  • Ensure that the quantity of the inventory is accurate, is available, is up-to-date, and is mostly never out of stock.
  • Explain clearly your return policies, and offer a full refund and return within the 30-day period.
  • The seller should ensure that the product reaches the buyer on time. It can be done by sending them the tracking information and removing the items that are usually shipped late.
  • Describe your product clearly in the description and also explain the usage instruction so that the buyer knows the detail and how to use the product.
  • You should streamline the packaging, picking, and shipping process. It ensures that the customer doesn’t receive the wrong product.
  • Try to provide images that accurately portray the product. Also include the size chart, image size requirements, descriptions, and all other details for clear understanding.
  • Keep your contact information on the Amazon help page up-to-date so that the buyer can contact you in case of any issues. Try to respond to the buyer within 24 hours.


The removal of negative seller feedback on Amazon requires a strategic approach. You should try to do so by understanding Amazon’s policies, communicating effectively with the buyer, and providing them with excellent customer service support. It is imperative to remain proactive and responsive to the buyers. And to address their feedback, negative or positive, timely. You can follow certain points to avoid getting negative feedback, such as responding timely, ensuring the best quality of the product, etc.

Getting a negative review on amazon is inevitable. And even after doing all this, if you still get negative feedback, don’t worry, as you can cope with it. Specific negative reviews on amazon can be removed if they include obscene words or if the issue caused was not your fault because the order was fulfilled by amazon. You can contact seller support on amazon to remove the negative feedback. You can also directly contact the customer, but follow amazon’s rules and regulations. You can follow specific points to get positive seller feedback on amazon, such as offering refunds and returns, describing the product specifications clearly, etc. Maintaining positive feedback is very important on amazon. It directly affects your ratings, ranking, conversion rate, and, obviously, your sales. By following these steps and maintaining a commitment to quality, sellers can increase their chances of removing negative feedback and building a strong reputation on Amazon.