With a global monthly user base exceeding 300 million, Amazon is a giant online platform. In the United States alone, it boasts more than 148 million Prime subscribers.
For sellers, venturing into Amazon Video advertising can drive remarkable results. It’s the right platform to enhance your brand’s visibility, increase traffic, generate clicks, and at last boost sales. Amazon, however, maintains specific criteria that your video content must meet before publication.
We’re here to guide you through the Amazon advertising strategies and how you can gain from this e-commerce giant. Let’s dive in and get started.

Amazon Sponsored Brands’ Video Ads

Video ads play a crucial role in brand recognition and enhanced conversion rates. These ads are keyword-targeted and have the flexibility to appear on both mobile and desktop search result pages, each click costs some amount.
Product-focused videos stand out among other text and image content; hence they are being considered as the most potent choice for marketing purposes. Estimated 3.6 times higher potential for driving purchases. The visuals shown in Amazon ads videos along with audio make them more appealing to the visitors, capturing the viewer’s attention in comparison to text or images.
Understand that to gain good results one must use good quality videos focused on their core motive and the message they want to convey.

How to Craft an Amazon Video Ad Campaign?

Getting your hands on an Amazon video campaign can be a little confusing at the beginning, as there are parameters to adhere to. Therefore, let’s start with understanding what Amazon’s specific guidelines and creative requirements are and how they work.
– Incorporating texts into your Amazon videos can result in high interaction due to the information provided.
– Adding texts of 80 pixels minimum of Helvetica font in white over a black bounding set to 80% opacity is advised by Amazon.
– The use of audio in your product video helps viewers understand the message and information more precisely.
– Using a logo at the beginning and end of the video will have a good impact.

Benefits of Using Amazon Video Ads

Amazon’s initiative of showcasing product videos through Amazon Video Ads is a great opportunity for sellers who want to drive sales. Only one video per search page is shown, which makes it very important for a seller to upload a video with better quality, fulfilling viewers’ needs and bringing satisfaction making sure the viewer becomes a customer.
Enhanced Click-Through Rate (CTR) –
The CTR of video advertisements on average boasts 7.5 times higher than display ads. Videos hold a unique value, effectively engaging viewers and grabbing their attention more than static images.
Visual Product Demonstration –
A demo of any product showcasing how it works or how the buyer is going to receive your product increases the trust between your product and the buyer.
Appealing to Visual Learners –
Approximately 65% of individuals prefer visual learning. Consequently, moving ads have a greater potential to resonate with visual learners.

What are the Types of Amazon Sponsored Video Ads?

Amazon offers a range of video ad options tailored to your product and audience needs, all with a shared goal: helping shoppers discover your products online.
Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos:
Sellers registered on Amazon Brand, these sponsored brand videos appear on mobile and desktop search result pages. When a user scrolls the page, it automatically plays but remains muted until clicked on. The size can be adjusted as per the available space, making it one of the cost-effective advertising options.
Sponsored Display Video Ads:
These ads are displayed in various locations and target audiences beyond Amazon’s purchase results, giving a chance to reach users. Advertisers can showcase products and brands through engaging storytelling, such as tutorials, demos, unboxings, and testimonials.
Amazon Interactive Ads:
These interactive ad units allow users to engage with videos through their voice or TV remote. While they are currently in beta testing, they hold the potential to enhance visibility among customers exploring Amazon’s entertainment content like movies, TV shows, music, and more.
Streaming Ads:
Amazon streaming ads are unskippable ads played on full screen. These ads might play before, after or in between streaming in which the viewer doesn’t get the option of skipping the ad. Although they get the option to keep the ad on mute.

Amazon’s Guidelines to Reach Potential Customers

Whether you’re just starting or already know marketing, here are valuable tips for crafting top-notch Amazon video ads.
• For sponsored video ads, it’s advised to keep the videos short, around 10 seconds. This helps convey your message swiftly and boosts the likelihood of customers clicking to view your product.
• To keep your customers engaged, consider adding a brief loop at the video’s end, making it seem continuous.
• It is suggested to keep your ad under three minutes to avoid rejection. If your ads go beyond three minutes, make sure to include a clear call to action in your title, subtitles, and text, along with a link to your product page.
• Including a mute button will help the viewers watch the ad for those who prefer silence. This would make your ad accessible to a broader audience and improve the chances of them watching it entirely.
• To build trust, adding your logo and product images will help in building brand recognition. This encourages them to stay on your page and move closer to purchasing your product.


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