SRL Diagnostics

How Lyxel&Flamingo helped in achieving 4% conversion rates for the SRL Franchise Campaign


About the SRL Diagnostics

SRL is a professionally-managed healthcare institution that is led by science, innovation and empathy.With 46 NABL accredited labs across our country-wide network, the SRL group has built a strong legacy of quality and has earned the trust of patients, doctors and hospitals.We ran a campaign to sell franchises of SRL Labs in selected regions of DELHI NCR and we achieved phenomenal results in the number of leads received and conversion rates.


SRL is a brand that is know for its quality and accuracy in the diagnostics Industry. We had to run a campaign in some very selected regions of Delhi NCR targeting to get leads for the potential franchise owners for SRL.



In order to get maximum output from the campaign, we focused all our budget on Meta as compared to google and other platforms in order to push the content to relevant audience and avoid any spillover.


In order to get results we had to pick and choose very specific audience set who have knowledge or working experience of diagnostics industry.


We used the lead form ads as a type to get maximum results at a affordable rate. We also used statics creatives with straightaway communication to cater to the audience.


In the lead forms we asked for the minimum information that we needed to communicate to the people and later we used the call method to convert them.


Conversion rate that we got
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