O3+ Professionals attained an extraordinary 22X ROI and 47% open rate with targeted emails in just one month.


About O3+

O3+ Professionals is India’s leading professional skincare brand with Derma grade products and advanced skincare treatments backed by clinical studies and advanced research.​ It’s legacy roots back to 1967, the era that saw the initial rise of home grown salons in India with the eventual boom of Bollywood.

The Challenges

Client’s marketing team was struggling with dynamic audience list and customer segmentation, leading to following issues:

  • Same Campaign 2-3 times per customer.
  • Conversion rate was declining.
  • Struggling to deliver tailored offers to specific audience segments.
  • And increase repeat purchases from new customer base.

The Solution


With Lyxel and Flamingo, client started discovering personalized customer segments using the underlying sophisticated machine learning algorithms. 


User journey was automated and personalized campaigns were setup. 


Behavioral segmentation targeting was initiated such as Opened emails in Last 30 Days, Users who opened but did not click, exclusion of past 30 day purchases, created in last 30 days and purchased once.

The Results

ROI generated
Attained an extraordinary 22x ROI.
Open rate
Open rate of 47.41%.
Achieved a CTR of 1.14%
Share of GMV
20% revenue share of automation strategies in GMV.
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