IndiGo Airlines

IndiGo Airlines reduces customer acquisition cost by 40% and boosts revenue by 35%


We’ve greatly benefited from employing Google UAC campaigns. The comprehensive approach, combined with data-informed strategies and precise audiences, have notably boosted our user acquisition, conversions, and in-app engagements. We’re very pleased with the outcomes we’ve attained through Google UAC campaigns, as it has contributed to reducing our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) over the past few months.


IndiGo airlines wanted to improve sales and profitability from their app. To do this effectively they wanted to understand how they can acquire users (Installs) and drive bookings by reaching out to masses with the right set of messaging and offers, an audience which is highly inclined towards online travel aggregators for their booking requirements.



By utilizing first-party data in Google UAC campaigns, the team achieved improved conversion rates and a higher return on ad spend (ROAS)


An install campaign was implemented with the objective of encouraging in-app actions, specifically purchases. This campaign aimed to reach the largest audience and resulted in a high number of installations and bookings.


Re-engagement campaigns were established to target existing app users and encourage their continued usage and interactions with the app.


A thematic campaign structure was set up, consisting of different components: The messaging focused on promoting the IndiGo app and its unique selling points (USPs) and highlighted specific discounts or promotions.


Increase in overall MoM bookings
Increase in overall MoM Revenue
Decrease in overall MoM CAC
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