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Your customer is changing. As millennials and a new generation of digital natives take over the world of consumption, new paradigms of media are emerging. But are you ready? Will you be able to scale up in this new altered world post big screen phones, low data costs and corona-induced social distancing norms. Structure your media investments from one of the best performance advertisers in India.

Our approach to media planning entails following steps

Clients are at varying stages in terms of their digital lifecycle and it is very critical to understand their as-is state – this is really the starting point for our engagement cycle. We review traffic funnel using Google Analytics, Share of Voice trends on social, Search trends on channels like Google, Amazon and YouTube and create a comprehensive as-is framework to understand the Market Context, Brand Context, Competitive play and Emerging trends. Without a thorough as-is assessment, future planning is difficult.
Digital is the most measurable and transparent of all media formats. It is easy to decide on clear campaign Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) basis brand objectives and manage investments accordingly.
Elaborate understanding of our customers, their search journey on internet and their path to category and brand discoveries are mapped by our digital sciences and analytics team leading to better media planning and budget allocation.
Today digital media is the fastest growing vertical in the world and has the power to reach almost 40% of our population. With a very high penetration in urban centers, Digital media is growing rapidly in tier-2, tier 3 cities as well as semi-rural and rural population as well. Also, since digital media planning has to be optimized consistently, it allows us to run campaigns in geographies outside India with as much success as we have seen in India itself. Our comprehensive capabilities at play for clients in India as well as abroad are leveraged not only because of our strong partnerships with Google, Amazon and Facebook platforms that account for bulk of digital media buying but also because of our understanding of advanced media capabilities like marketing automation, affiliate marketing, Programmatic and innovative display ads, proprietary analytics platform, Data Management Platform Integration and a super effective creative team.

However, digital media planning is an exact science that depends on religiously tracking performance metrices and iterating on budget allocation till we start hitting our KPI numbers.

And its always about driving RoI and Salience using a mix of multiple formats. An interesting L&F 2by2 on media planning is right here for your quick reference:

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